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“John Lapotaire is an outstanding business professional! I highly recommend his services to everyone!” Top quality, Great Results, Expert, Good Value Erik Hansen

“John Lapotaire has abundant industry and product knowledge. He is by no means new to this industry. He is top notch when it comes to trouble shooting and eliminating the problem.” Dan Ekberg
“John Lapotaire did an excellent job finding the source of the water damage that others had not been able to locate. He made great recomondations and had our problems solved quickly. MicroShield will be the only company I'll call for services next time."
Joel Peisner

“The building I worked in was known as a "sick" facility. John Lapotaire's expertise helped to improve the health of the work environment.” Joe Oliver
“John Lapotaire has a vast amount of experience in Indoor Environmental Issues and has solved many of my customers mold and mildew issues. His company mainly provides a pretreatment to prevent future mold growth.”
Dave Dwyer